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Executive Outdoor Adventures, Inc. - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Chip Trueblood

Chip Trueblood

Spring 2023 - Sanger Texas

Family purchased a bow fishing trip for me for a Father’s Day present. What a great purchase!!!!! Andy was spectacular and is quite the person to be around. Very down to earth and put fish in front of me!!! Now I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn, but we did manage to get a few! 10/10 I would recommend taking this trip as I plan to do it again very soon. Can’t say enough about the hospitality and the knowledge share!

Collaborative Living LLC

November 2022 - Dallas oregon

This was possibly the best experience we have ever had! EOA was amazing at their jobs. Wonderful guides, great helicopter pilots, fantastic cooks, their hospitality was off the charts! We came at a time that is more difficult to find hogs due to the leaves on all the trees and they still provided such a wonderful time. Their skills and knowledge were incredible. Very polite, kind and knowledgeable people running the show for sure. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a good fun time. Really amazing people. Worth every single penny spent and definitely will be doing again and seeing what else they have to offer. Thank you Riley and all the staff that helped make such a memorable and wonderful experience for us.

Laramie Truax

Summer 2022 - Bowie Tx

Very professional and very informative on the hunts! Safety is always the number one priority besides giving the clients the thrill of a lifetime! Would 10/10 recommend this place over anyone else! If you have the chance to hunt with Riley you must call him cutie and give him hugs through out the hunt! He loves to have some affection from his customers!

L Stephens

Fall 2021 Helicopter Hog hunt/ Thermal hunt - Bowie Texas

The EOA staff was simply amazing. Very friendly and and very skilled in their craft. Best hunting outfit I’ve experienced. Riley was our guide for most of it and he is an impressive young man and will put you on the hogs! The cooking was some of the best home cooked meals you will have, the facility was clean and beautiful with lots of activities. Accommodations were beyond expectation. I will be back to hunt with them. Thank you guys for what you do!

Daniel Kleinholz

Daniel Kleinholz

Fall 2021 - Scottsdale, AZ

Andy, Riley, and Tamra were exceptional hosts. We had the lodge to ourselves and felt at home. Tamra works hard to make sure you are never hungry, and I went back for seconds every meal. Andy and Riley worked professionally to ensure everyone knew the safety measures and at no time did I feel uncomfortable on the helo hunts. Riley, worked tirelessly to ensure we all had a great time. Riley was detail oriented and made sure we had the best opportunity whenever we saw hogs. Thank you to the whole Outdoor Adventures Crew.

Seth Duhl

Seth Duhl

Spring 2021 - London, Ohio

Me and my friend booked the Thermal Hog Hunt and words can’t explain how amazing our experience was. Our guide Riley went above and beyond what we had hoped for. He was very knowledgeable and respectful. He put us on hogs every night within a hour both nights. We had shot opportunities on multiple species; including not only hogs but a bobcat and multiple coyotes. Highly recommended this outfitter and we will definitely be coming back. Just wanted to say thank you and let you guys know how much we appreciated being able to hunt with your outfitter.

Byron Gibbs

Byron Gibbs

Winter 2019 - Pittsburgh, PA

Our expectations of this helicopter hog hunt were high but from the moment we took lifted off till the time we touched back down we had more fun than we could have ever thought. I’m glad I bought a GoPro the day before because it’s fun just rewatching such a cool experience. The lodge is amazing, our orientation training was very helpful, the pilot kept us on the game during some intense chases, and the whole experience with Andy and his team was great. Surprisingly we shot as many coyotes as we did hogs, six of each on our two hour flight. We even got a bobcat!

Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe

December 2018 - Mount Pleasant Iowa

Andy and his team provided an awesome three day getaway for my son and I. Highly recommend the Helicopter Hunt and the thermal night hunts were a blast. First class lodge, food and staff!!

Dan Sullivan

Andy and his team ensured that we had a great day of hunting. I saw literally hundreds of hogs and many coyotes. The helicopter and pilot were great, always ensuring that we were able to get the right shots. I highly recommend this experience for anyone.

B. Melick

Just a short drive from the fringes of the DFW metroplex leads you into another world of hunting and shooting adventure and excitement... Andy offers a truly unique, world class experience with select fire weapons, binary reactive targets, image intensification, infrared laser designators / illuminators, thermal riflescopes, offroad vehicles, rotary wing with experienced pilots, guest lodges, long range precision rifle shooting... all in the quest to rid the Lone Star State of feral hogs, coyotes, bobcats, and trophy whitetail deer.

Everett Shaw

Would like to thank Executive Outdoors for a great hog hunt Friday. Was able to get big group of pigs and some coyotes. It was a lot of fun can't wait to do it again.

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