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Night Time Thermal Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting

The State of Texas has declared war on this evasive species of feral hogs, and so have we. With a military feel, you and/or your friends will load up with the latest in Pulsar Thermal and night vision rifle scopes, AR15 rifles and plenty of ammo. We drive around thousands of acres of farm and ranch land in search for feral hogs, and when we find them, we disembark and stalk up as close as possible and kill them all.... or as many as we can. After picking up and cleaning up, we head out and do it all again. 

Night time thermal hunting is an exhilarating experience that is action packed, non-stop fun. Not to mention you are helping a farmer or rancher out by saving his crops and grazing grasses. All hunts are UNLIMITED HOGS and never a trophy fee or other hidden fee to worry about with Executive Outdoor Adventures.   

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Thermal Hog Hunt

Unlimited Hogs

Unlimited hogs means just that, kill as many as you can. No cleaning fees for any that you want to take home with you.

Big Texas Boar

Texas Big Boy

Trophy Boar Hunting

True Texas Trophy Boars without additional fees, kill as many as you like. Take the head or heads home for great mounts!

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